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Our History
In July 1972, a group of Peruvian entrepreneurs decided to bet for Callao and so there they started what has become the company with the greatest coverage in maritime, port and river services in Peru: Cosmos Agencia Marítima S.A.C.

Thus we started our operation services mainly with cargo vessels coming from North Europe and Asia. These services, which we still provide today, included the representation of the ships before local authorities and stevedoring of various Peruvian foreign trade products.

As we gradually consolidated our experience, we expanded the range of services and coverage in Peru to become the leading Peruvian operator integrating maritime, port and river services. Currently, in addition to maritime agency services, we provide stevedoring, towage and pilotage services, maritime and river transport, special operations, underwater operations and integrated services for Oil & Gas industry.

We currently have a nationwide network of offices and a team of highly skilled professionals dedicated to the personalized attention of our customers, to which we offer solutions tailored to their requirements. We prioritize safety and health at work, as well as the preservation of the environment in all our operations.

The philosophy that has accompanied our growth over 40 years remains the same: to be the strategic partner that generates value in maritime operations of the port and river companies that require our services. Many of them have been with us for over 20 years, and others that arrive at Peru looking for world class service standards and quality find in us the solutions they need to facilitate the development of their investment in our country.


A. Jr. Mariscal Miller 450 9th floor
Callao 1 - Perú.
T. (51 1) 714 4444
F. (51 1) 714 4490

A. Jr. Mariscal Miller 450 9th floor, Callao 1 - PerĂº
T. (51 1) 714 4444 / F. (51 1) 714 4490