In Cosmos we manage and operate over 35 vessels along the coast and rivers of the Peruvian forest. We provide maritime and inland waterway transportation services of both cargo and passengers, meeting the diverse logistical needs of our customers. Our operations are conducted in compliance with strict standards of quality, safety and environmental care.

We offer our services to oil companies, refineries, port terminals, fishing companies, among others; with boats that are properly conditioned and equipped to provide a safe service, according to their operational needs.

Main services:

  • Transportation of general and liquid cargo.
  • Transport of personnel, authorities, pilots and materials.
  • Transportation of hydrocarbons, oil residues, sludge, slops, etc.
  • Operations in bay.
  • Surveillance operations for ISPS codes.
  • Oil spill prevention, containment and recovery operations.
  • Emergency and support response in fire fighting operations.

A. Jr. Mariscal Miller 450 9th floor, Callao 1 - PerĂº
T. (51 1) 714 4444 / F. (51 1) 714 4490